The magic show is geared towards the kids, I invite them to come up and help with the magic. I always try to make the children the star of the show. Giving the parents a lot of opportunity to take those memorable pictures :)


Together we will magically make things appear and vanish, we will move objects with our minds. We will create a crayon eating monster and make it come to life! I'll even let the kids decide the outcome of my trick and whether I succeed or fail is up to them, it's very suspenseful. I will read the minds of the children and we will turn money into more money. We will teleport items from one location to another. There are simply too many tricks in my show to name them all.

Shows come in any length from 20 minutes to one hour.



Colorful fun for festivals, picnics, birthdays and so much more.

Balloon animals are a great addition to any children's party.


Much more then just a simple dog and sword. Alex is a true artist when it comes to balloon twisting.

Being one of the fastest balloon twisters in the city means you get more balloons per hour than with any other balloon artist.


My balloon animals are truly amazing creations and it gives the children something to take home. This is a great addition to any show.